Ghosts of Meridian update lands for Halo 5

343 Industries has released another big content drop for Halo 5: Guardians in the form of the Ghosts of Meridian update. The full details on Halo Waypoint are pretty hefty (see here for the full list) but the key items are:

New features and updates:

  • New Warzone map added: Skirmish at Darkstar
  • New Arena map added: Tyrant
  • Weather effects added to Forge
  • New sound effects added to Forge
  • Spartan Company members will now appear in the Active Roster
  • April 14 – 18: Warzone Firefight Beta playlist goes live.
A VERY familiar armour set for long time Halo players.

A VERY familiar armour set for long time Halo players.

New REQ items this drop include a lot of callbacks to past games including armour and helmets from the early entries that have been given a tweak to their designs. For weapons we have Tartarus’ Gavel; a legendary Gravity Hammer whose attributes are going to be popular in games requiring an upfront approach to beating on your opponents.

Adding weather effects to Forge is a bonus for those creators who like to work on building atmosphere within their designs; lighting goes a long way but having weather too can solidify it. Be interesting to see what comes of it and if there are also ways to use it as a distraction for players.

Getting a taste of what the Warzone Firefight mode will bring is bound to get a lot of players into the game at once and give the servers a decent thrashing in the process. I know I’m looking forward to trying it out. 🙂

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