Halo 5: Warzone Firefight Beta impressions

A bunch of us jumped into the Beta playlist for Halo 5 Guardians: Warzone Firefight. This mode is currently in Beta but available now and allows you and up to seven other friends to try and survive five increasingly difficult waves of AI opponents.

I love this new game mode. Even though I still proved to be the weakest link (appearing 8th on the scoreboard most of the time) it was still great fun trying to take down the various Covenant and Prometheans as a large group. The gameplay is frantic and there are heaps of enemies onscreen at once. Objectives are completely randomised at the start of each main match too. There is only one map the beta plays on at the moment but I’m sure more will be available at launch.

The one wave I felt could do with a bit more balancing was the defend the warehouse scenario. In this objective you and your team have to try and hold out against 100 enemies that are swarming into the base. This proved to be bloody difficult and certainly in the 90 minutes I played we couldn’t survive that round. Expect to use a lot of Requisitions to try and survive Firefight.

Still I am amazed at how much 343 Industries are still putting into this game. I would definitely be up for playing more Warzone Firefight and look forward to playing the final result.

Warzone Firefight

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