Halo 5’s Forge coming to PC

As reported by Major Nelson, the map creation tools of Halo 5: Guardians will be coming soon to Windows 10 gamers.

The PC version of Forge will allow for keyboard and mouse support, 4K resolutions and the ability to upload creations to the Xbox One version of the game. Limited multiplayer features even allow players to get friends together to try out the levels.

There are plenty of restrictions. The campaign is not a part of the package and Warzone and Arena modes are absent too. But for the many keen Forgers in the Halo community this might help make the process a lot easier especially when piecing together parts of complex map layouts.

That it’ll be free is nice and it will also give people a taste of the multiplayer will potentially bring more to the Xbox One version and build up the community even further.

There are some fair criticisms to be made though about why the whole game wasn’t ported across. But Microsoft are playing the long game here with their platform aspirations and this is just them testing the waters. We’ll likely learn more as further announcement are made during the year.

Details of Forge PC can be found here.

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