The Engineers and Horizons coming soon for Elite Dangerous on PC and Xbox One

Frontier Developments has announced that the next major update to Elite Dangerous: Horizons will land on May 26. Titled “The Engineers”, this update provides new loot opportunities via new characters living throughout the galaxy. Xbox One players will finally get the Horizons expansion, including the latest update, on June 3 with the intent of now remaining in step with the PC version.

For Xbox One players this means they finally get to experience planetary landings, surface mining and zipping around in a surface vehicle. In addition, all versions of the game will be receiving boost including a substantial update to the mission boards and a multitude of tweaks and fixes ensuring no players will miss out on the work done on the game during the last few months.

Release notes to come when the updates ship.

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  1. Really looking forward to this. Not long to wait either 🙂

    I really wish the PC version of Elite Dangerous had the same control scheme as it does for the Xbox One. It wouldn’t be that hard to do yet it still doesn’t seem to have it.

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