Halo 5 goes slightly Hog Wild in next update

There was a slight change in plans with this month’s round of updates for Halo 5: Guardians. As reported on Halo Waypoint the Hog Wild update has been split in two with the REQs arriving on Tuesday the 31st of May while the rest of the features are given some extra time to be polished up when they arrive as part of the Warzone Firefight update next month.

If you're wanting variety in your Halo transportation, this is certainly something different.

If you’re wanting variety in your Halo transportation, this is certainly something different.

Though it’s only a taste of the original update, with what’s to come perhaps being the most anticipated mode to arrive in Halo 5 EVER, that disappointment should evaporate quickly enough.

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    • The Firefight Warzone update should go a long way to fixing one of the remaining issues with online multiplayer – that of being stuck in a mode full of players WAY better than you. Being able to co-op with friends and take on an area full of bad guys together works really well and should become a favourite once it arrives. 🙂

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        • I’ll admit that my own interest in shooters has subsided A LOT over the years – the time and skills you need to compete well in multiplayer now don’t translate well to juggling a job, family and other responsibilities. So if it is not something I can pick up, play and enjoy quickly I’ll just walk away from it.

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  1. I’ve been faithful for years and continue to buy the Halo games but I have to admit my interest has waned a lot, primarily because of the reasons Night Owl has mentioned. My reflexes aren’t nearly as good as they use to be. That is why I seem to be a bit better at games like Battlefield where it isn’t just focused on how many kills you get, but how much you contribute to holding an area (conquest).

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