No Man’s Sky goes Gold. Should I buy PS4 or PC?

So it seems the August 8th – 11th release date (depending on where you live) is locked in as Hello Games’ Sean Murray tweeted that finally No Man’s Sky has gone gold.

I’m pretty excited for this but truth be told I’m still undecided as to which gaming platform to buy it on, PS4 or PC?

PS4 Pros – Console based (hooked up to home theatre) and I have more friends at this stage buying on PS4 if multiplayer is a factor. Ease of use (not having to rely on a mouse / keyboard and quick to get into).

PC Pros – Better graphic fidelity with reasonable system, can use an Xbox One controller (not a fan of Dualshock 4).

To help me with this I’m asking you dear readers to help me decide.Please leave your comments below with what platform you think I should buy this on and why? What platform are you getting it on?

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    • I take it you are getting it on PC then? I haven’t got Uncharted 4 yet but at the moment that is the only reason I still have a PS4. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t simplify and just have the XB1 and PC 🙂

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      • Yeah, I’ll probably toss up between a Steam or GOG version of the game. That’s no slight on PS4… I’m just one of the minority who isn’t a fan of the exclusives, including Naughty Dog’s games.


    • Do you mainly game at a desk for your PC though or still couch game? The only thing I find with PC it is somewhat more fiddly to get a game running. I know XBStart helps with Steam Big Picture. I haven’t tried a Steam Controller yet. Have you?

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      • It depends on the game and what I feel like gaming with at the moment. If I’m playing a good strategy game I’ll usually go with mouse and keyboard because it’s easier for me instead of using my Steam controller, but I can still use my Steam controller if I want to sit back and relax while playing some Civilization with the wife.

        The only console we have in the house is a Wii U. We have three gaming PCs. 1 for my wife and I and one for the kids.

        I reviewed the Steam controller so you can look it up on my blog if you want.

        On a side note I don’t really have to fiddle with my PC to game on it.

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        • Cool – will read your review on the Steam Controller. I take it having one of those makes it very easy to navigate around on the couch. Thanks.

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  1. I would say go with the PC on this one. Even though I have read that MP is possible for No Mans Sky, it does not seem to be much of a point of focus for this game.
    Plus, PC graphical power. Need I say more?

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    • Yes that is why I am leaning towards PC. There seemed to be a fair bit of pop in on some of the PS4 videos. I also like using the Xbox One Controller – which I can also do on PC.

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