Forza Motorsport 6: NASCAR DLC Review

I’ve been getting back into Forza Motorsport 6 a lot more over the last few weeks and subsequently picked up the new NASCAR expansion that was released a couple of months ago.

I have to say that I’m really impressed with this expansion so far. NASCARs are really powerful but still good fun to drive and having 24 of racing around the tracks is pretty awesome. They are quite heavy cars too so you will see spins and accidents occur as a result of some serious nudging. When you set the appropriate difficulty level for the drivatars the races (even on oval tracks) are extremely exciting because you spend a lot of time defending against cars attempting to draft and sling shot past you.


I wasn’t sideways a second ago?

This is one of the new game mechanics Turn 10 has introduced in a more defined way. As you get closer your Xbox One controller vibrates pretty strongly to give you an idea you are entering someone’s draft. I’ve managed to get quite a few “Perfect Drafts” in this NASCAR expansion. Of course the AI drivers (or real drivers in multiplayer) can do the exact same to you.  One thing I did notice playing through this expansion is that I had to turn the AI difficulty up during the oval races, and down a notch during the standard road tracks.

Another new mechanic is having compulsory pit stops. This is something that has been needed in the game from day one and finally we have it. The NASCAR races become all that more interesting when you have one or more compulsory stops in a race. Should you pit early and then try and gain on the lead car or pit later in the hope you’ve got enough of a gap to stay ahead of the car behind you? The great news for Forza Motorsport 6 fans is that you can take advantage of this new pit stop mechanic in private multiplayer lobbies as well, even if you don’t have the NASCAR expansion. It certainly adds a lot more depth. Other improvements like having small arrows letting you know when another car is close is really handy as well. The pits also now have a graphic over them so you can find the pit on every track easily.


Even the drivatars have a hard time not smashing each other out in a race. Really makes for some exciting racing.

Just like the Porsche expansion that preceded this one, you get a new track with several layouts to race on too. The track that comes with this expansion is Homestead Miami Speedway. You have an oval layout plus two road layouts. I haven’t raced on all the layouts but another track with several layouts is always welcome and I’m glad we’ve received a couple more to compliment the layouts that already exist in Forza Motorsport 6.

Initially with the NASCAR career you race tracks from the USA, including high speed ovals of course. The further you get into the expansion though, you realise that it opens up these beasts of cars to the worldwide stage. You get to do things like race against V8 supercars on Mt Panorama (Bathurst) or face off against GT cars on Monza. It is a nice idea and gives you plenty of opportunity to play with some great “what if” scenarios. Of course, being NASCAR all of the races generally start with a rolling start too. You have specific multiplayer and league lobbies too.

I actually think this is a very worthwhile bit of DLC and a nice way to wrap up Forza Motorsport 6 prior to Forza Horizon 3 launching in September.

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