[UPDATED] No Man’s Sky pre-order DLC – game breaking bug

UPDATE – On the No Man’s Sky support website the developers have added this:

I’m stranded without my Hyperdrive

It has been reported that using the pre-order bonus ship will leave some players stranded, if they purchase or transfer to a new ship that does not have a hyperdrive (if done very early in game). In most cases the player is actually able to continue (107 of the 135 reports emailed so far). The game already detects the player needs a hyperdrive and directs them to a nearby NPC who will give the player the hyperdrive they need. Some other players were able to resolve this issue by restarting their console.

See here for more support tips.



For those of us who pre-ordered No Man’s Sky it might be best to avoid loading the DLC until you have the Hyperdrive Blueprint in the game.

A lot of reports are saying players are stranded in the same system because they used their DLC bonus ship without getting the Hyperdrive Blueprint first. This has effectively stranded players.

If you haven’t started playing this yet I would recommend uninstalling the pre-order DLC and play the game at least until you’ve got the HyperDrive Blueprint, then loading the DLC and transferring to the new ship then.

More info on this can be found here

So far I am loving this on PC – great little game.

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  1. I suppose it’s to be expected that a few critical bugs would sneak into a game of this size. Don’t get me started on day one game patches though…

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  2. I know of at least three gamer mates of mine who ran into this issue. Luckily I knew about this before I started playing. I didn’t load the pre-order DLC until I had the hyperdrive blueprint.


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