Battlefield 1 First Impressions – Simply Amazing

When I finished my first two hours of Battlefield 1 last night (via EA Access trial) I sat in my couch simply stunned.

This has to be one of the more respectful and realistic depictions of a world war over all the games I have ever played. DICE and EA are to be commended on this game because quite simply they have finally made a fully immersive single player campaign. I couldn’t even finish Battlefield 4’s single player campaign because it just didn’t immerse me, and in the end I have still yet to finish it.

The tutorial level of Battlefield 1 oozes more quality than most shooter’s entire campaigns. I felt truly humbled and blessed that I didn’t have to take part in a war 60 million soldiers had to fight in. Battlefield 1 looks absolutely amazing – they have cranked the graphics up to 11. I played it on my Xbox One S and it looks so crisp. I can only imagine how good it would look in 4K.

The only slight hitch is there seems to be a bug where the “Play Trial” screen pops up every five minutes or so. I’m sure this will get sorted and the preview program may be to blame here.

I’ll be reviewing this once the full game comes out on the 20th October but if my first impressions are anything to go by this is probably going to be shooter, if not game of the year for me.

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