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E3 2017 Round Up Part 1 – EA

This first shots were fired today in the PR blitz that is the Electronics Entertainment Expo (otherwise known as E3) and EA is taking the lead with both anticipated titles and a few surprises too.   Sports, sports and more sports! Story is playing a major role in […]

2016 Roundup – Games

Here we come to the end of a year that brought in some amazing games but also signalled the beginning of a substantial shift in the console industry with an intent of hardware iterations being released at shorter intervals. How the next year plays out is anyone’s guess […]

How to play Battlefield 1 Early

Battlefield 1 is out for everyone on the 21st October but if you are really keen you can play the game a few days early by purchasing the Early Enlister Edition (digital). This will allow you to play it from the 18th October. With EA’s subscription models, EA […]