Project Scorpio will be a True Next Gen Console

A couple of more details have been released surrounding Project Scorpio and various interesting comments are being made. Microsoft has confirmed all 1st party made games will run in native 4K resolution and the upcoming console will also have 12GB of RAM.

Project Scorpio is being heralded as very PC like in nature in terms of power. Moon Studios Director (Ori and the Blind Forest), Thomas Mahler, has weighed in on Project Scorpio vs the PS4 Pro debate:

Mahler added that because consoles now largely rely on the same system architecture, it’s remarkably easy for console manufacture to iterate on their machines, adding more power and features without completely cutting off those who own an older model. He said that the PlayStation 4 Pro is more of a “half-assed upgrade” than a substantial next step, and this can be supported in large part by looking at the current “better with PS4 Pro” lineup — only a handful of games are capable of running at a native 4K resolution, and several AAA releases don’t even upscale to that resolution, or support high-dynamic range.

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Another interesting point is that the VR capabilities of Project Scorpio have been removed from Microsoft’s website. Some reports are coming that this is still an upcoming feature but it won’t be released when the new console comes out later in the year (bet on November). Microsoft won’t be pulling any punches when they likely unveil their new flagship console this year at E3.

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  1. I wonder if Sony is holding back so as to not upset its fans by “selling out” and becoming more PC-like than some console gamers would like? While I have no issue with PC gaming, when it comes to my consoles I like being able to slap a cartridge (or disc) into the console and play without having to worry about specs, so that could be Sony’s hesitation. Xbox is by Microsoft, which is historically a computer company, not a music/media company. These differences always interest me…

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        • I suppose that’s my perspective mainly in terms of the PS4 basically taking the route of putting in the biggest video card plus the fastest RAM possible to beef up their console. Microsoft tried to follow a path similar to the 360 with a few more custom features to try and make the most of lesser hardware but it just couldn’t compete at the same level. Scorpio is possibly going to be proof they’ve learned their lesson.

          Hopefully it doesn’t lesson how easy consoles are to use though. I do miss not being able to put a cartridge / card into a machine and the game just works but I also appreciate having a game that can evolve over time too.

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  2. That is why I’ve been a console gamer really since 2006 (when the Xbox 360 came out in Australia). PC gaming is all about tweaking and upgrading every couple of years. I like the ease of use of a Xbox Controller and a good console UI. I’m really keen for the Scorpio but I hope it doesn’t mean consoles will stop being produced. I like my PC for some games too but would love an Xbox type UI for it.

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    • That kind of makes no sense because console generations has obviously gotten shorter. PS4 gamers have spent well over 1k on their fancy new PS4 Pro with a 4K TV. Even when the Scorpio releases it’ll still have to convince people to buy their new console. Why buy a console with no exclusives? Microsoft themselves in the foot by releasing all of their exclusives on PC. All of the great looking games are going to the PS4 and I don’t see the Scorpio changing that.

      Microsoft can have the strongest console if it wants to, but it doesn’t have games. I’m not impressed with it at all and I used to be a huge Xbox fan. All these versions of consoles adds up and you’re actually spending just as much on your console as you would on a PC. The only difference is PC games are cheaper.

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        • No worries! 🙂 We appreciate having everyone share their own perspectives and I can understand your own disappointment in Xbox’s direction… the recent Scalebound cancellation would have pretty much confirmed your thoughts on the matter too. Thank goodness for Nintendo/PCs just doing their own thing while the other two console platforms go off and try to outdo the each other in an arms race. Hopefully keeps them honest!

          I guess this change in how Sony/Microsoft look at console generations is probably going to be ripe for discussion for a while until we see whether it succeeds or fails. With most of Xbox’s “exclusives” now intended to be cross play/own on Windows 10 too, you do have a fair point on what incentive is there to upgrade to Scorpio. Maybe E3 will help us all… ?

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          • I usually just read up on E3 after it’s finished. That being said I have very low expectations on the Scorpio. By the end of the year I’m going to own a Switch, and PS4 Pro, but I don’t plan on buying the Scorpio unless Microsoft knocks it out the park with it’s presentation.

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        • No worries at all. It is great to have some other thoughts on the matter. I still only own a 1080p TV but I’m still super keen for the Scorpio. Pretty much since the original Xbox came out I have been pretty happy with Microsoft’s consoles. The Xbox One was a little disappointing in terms of 3rd party support when it first came out in 2013 but the gap has closed considerably in terms of resolution etc since the development tools had improved. We all know about Microsoft’s terrible E3 disaster in 2013 – it was like the roles reversed (the 360 was always seen as a little easier to code for than the PS3). Personal preference for me is definitely the Xbox One controller too, plus the amazing and ever changing / improving UI. Sony just seem to be so far behind in terms of UI functionality in my humble opinion.

          The advantage of the PS4 Pro coming out a year before Scorpio is that Microsoft can learn from Sony’s mistakes, which is not providing enough games with a proper update to make it worthwhile. I will get a PS4 Pro eventually but I’m waiting for Last of Us 2 to be announced as far as a date first.


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