Elite Dangerous @ PAX East 2017

Looks like the team at Frontier Developments have been a busy group at PAX East judging by the amount of videos that have been coming out for Elite Dangerous during the last day. These are hefty live streams that are bound to raise further excitement for the game and the (currently in beta 2.3) update amongst eager players.

Good news is that those who have been waiting for the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of the game will get see a glimpse of it in action. Not only will the game support features of the PS4 controller such as the touchpad but it will also allow players to use supported HOTAS setups making this an intriguing middle ground option between PC and Xbox One.

Frontier also did a couple of Community Streams too, which are a nice way to learn about some other streamers you may not be familiar with. Please note the first four videos are around an hour or more in length each so be prepared to put some time in if you want to get through it all.

Next, there’s a great interview with David Braben who not only explains what the game is but also some of the in game history that is shaping the galaxy you play in. Last but not least is a new trailer that give you a taste of what to expect in the next update. Multicrew is on show as are ship names and a hint of what else is out there. 🙂 These are also part of the first video in case you’ve already watched that. 🙂

Elite Dangerous is out now for PC and Xbox One. The 2.3 update and PlayStation 4 version are coming soon.

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