More from Elite Dangerous @ PAX East 2017

Here’s a few more videos that dropped on Frontier Developments’ YouTube account for Elite Dangerous covering Multicrew, the Commander Creator and some of the suit variations that will be available when “The Commanders” (version 2.3) update ships. Right now these avatars are limited to sitting in a pilot chair on a vessel, so you’d hope there’s going to be more coming down the road because it would seem an awful waste to have them just sitting down all the time.

And a few more community streams too that had arrived not long after my original post… eager to write about it all I guess. I’m pretty much in awe of the amount of content players like these can produce in streams when I’m lucky sometimes to scratch together enough for a post in a day. 🙂

Elite Dangerous is out now for PC and Xbox One. The 2.3 update and PlayStation 4 version are coming soon.

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