Destiny 2 Teaser drops, more to come on 30/3

Seems I spoke too soon – not long after Bungie teases the sequel on their Destiny Twitter account we end up with news of a game trailer arriving real soon. The below is just the teaser but I do like the tone of it – being a little less serious about the world might do it some favours. We’ll know more when the reveal trailer arrives on March 30th.

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  1. I liked the teaser but it was far too withdrawn from the actually game. This is something I would expect as extra clips held in game once you beat it. Either way my hype for this sequel to Destiny i definitively growing. I sense it’s going ot live up to my expectations.

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    • I think what was promised and what was delivered has been a fair criticism. The teaser might be a call back to the original game and how Bungie would say players will talk about their adventures, tell stories of how they got that cool gun, etc yet there was none of that.

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