Destiny 2 confirmed via Twitter

Ex Halo developer Bungie have been keeping relatively quiet in relation to a sequel to their co-op shooter Destiny. After some recent news began filtering out on the game everyone knew was coming, it seems they’re planning on opening the floodgates soon and pushed this out on their Twitter feed:

It’s just a graphic but it’ll get fans salivating at the prospect of the game arriving this year. Apparently it’ll be released in September for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and possibly even PC. I’m sure more will be heard at E3 (likely at the Sony press conference) but I may pass on this one until the early reviews come in. The first Destiny excelled as a shooter but the game it was wrapped around was geared too much towards grinding and not enough to a comprehensible story. I’ll be curious to see though if that changes in this next game.

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  1. I didn’t care for the first Destiny. Part 2 would really have to impress me if I’m going to buy it. It needs to be on PC too because I can’t play FPS games with a controller anymore.

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    • Completely agree Drakulus in terms of Destiny. I played it for a while but didn’t really get into it. I’m not a fan of grinding so games that tend to do that I leave pretty quickly.

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