GOG Galaxy leaves Beta, bring cloud saves

With the impending arrival of update 1.2 to GOG Galaxy, a pile of new features will be added as the software leaves beta which will go a long way to making the download client comparable to Steam where it matters. As part of the release cloud saves make an appearance for the first time on the platform and though it is with a limited number of games so far, it is interesting to see that it is not just limited to new games. You’d never think Planescape: Torment and No Man’s Sky would have something in common but they do here.

The new overlay and screenshot tool that have been added actually use the same keys as their Steam equivalents which is convenient and good for players worried they’d need to remember something new. For players who enjoy taking shots of their favourite games it’ll be appreciated. Being able to control bandwidth limits while downloading will win over plenty of gamers too. Many features, like notifications, can even be disabled so you can keep the client as lean as you want.

I have a few of my games currently running through Galaxy, including Gwent and No Man’s Sky, so if you soon see a flood of new pics pop up here it’s probably me having too much fun trying to find the perfect screenshot. 🙂

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