E3 2017 Round Up Part 3 – Bethesda

Bethesda put on their own little show for E3, titled Bethesdaland, which started off on a real friendly note that felt less like a corporate event and more a family gathering.

The big guns are going VR

Judging from the trailer it looks like the VR version of Doom isn’t cutting corners on the visual front because it still is a might tasting meal. And Fallout 4 is still the RPG you know and love but now played completely through VR. Movement in Doom VFR seems consist of the player pointing at the destination and leaping there but hard to tell how it works for Fallout 4 VR.

Lots’o’Elder Scrolls

Bringing the world of Morrowind back to The Elder Scrolls Online was a big win for Bethesda and their willingness to steer the game in the direction that fans wanted earned them a lot of good karma.

But it’s not only TSO that’s getting some changes. Bethesda are trying their hand again at online marketplaces for their games so it’ll be interesting to see if this time around it works and doesn’t result in a backlash.

If that wasn’t enough, Skyrim rates a mention with a new expansion for Elder Scrolls Legends as well as the game itself on its way to the Switch. The game may be old now but a portable version sounds like the perfect time sink for the console if you’re done with Zelda.

Quake ’em, Shake ’em

Theres more from Dishonored and Quake Champions too. Bethesda really seem to want to corner the market on first person games… I think I may have gone in shock if they had announced a driving game.

Shock! Horror! Survive!

Having not played the first Evil Within yet I can’t comment too much on what the trailer has to say but it is definitely intriguing and would certainly make me want to learn more about it. The survival horror vibe is spot on and it’s arriving on Friday the 13th this October too!

Saving the best for last…

Alsoarriving in October is the highly anticipated sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was given plenty of screen time which was great because the original game had quite a dense narrative for a shooter and you’d want to know that the high standard has been kept up.

The original game did an amazing job of creating a world which had lost to a technologically superior Nazi force. The sequel continues that story forward with the more adventures from series hero BJ Blazkowicz who not only remains a dual welding Nazi killing machine but has picked up a few more tricks too. This looks sooooooo cool.

Best bit about the show? Everything is going to be out this year so no long waits for anything. The full presentation is below. The wait on the video below is a big one, so best to jump to the 2 hour 58 minute mark and dive right in. 😉

All videos are from Bethesda’s YouTube feed.

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  1. Bethesda’s press conference was my favorite simply because of the way they chose to present it. I thought it was funny and I enjoyed almost everything they showed off. Quake, and Dishonored 2 will probably never make it’s way to my library. Can’t wait for Skyrim on the Switch. Might end up buying two copies.

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    • Bethesda definitely got it right with the atmosphere – even watching it from YouTube it felt like it had a very friendly vibe to it. The Wolfenstein II trailer went a long way to reminding me just how much I liked the first game. Was thinking you’d be all over Skyrim for Switch. 🙂

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  2. Loved the Wolfenstein 2 reveal with the live action trailer at the start. Very witty and entertaining. Some great reveals in this segment.


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