Elite Dangerous @ E3 2017 – Part 1

The first of a couple of events related to Elite Dangerous kicked off in the last few fours that are tied to a newly created community goal. Time is really short on this but it involves collecting Unknown Ship Signatures and Unknown Wake Data for Professor Palin and delivering them to Orcus Crag station in Pleiades Sector OI-T C3-7.

How this ties into the upcoming narrative could possibly be revealed in an upcoming live stream depending on the community goal’s success. The good news is it looks like there’s no doubts about it being done in time.

The original live stream is below if you’re wanting the full report (jump to 5:45 for the start) or you can also catch it directly from the Frontier Forums. Looks like the developers at Frontier are ramping up the alien incursions in a big way now… much sooner than I thought which is great as I really like being wrong on something like this.

More to come soon! 🙂

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