Arriving soon… Elite Dangerous for PS4

It’s only days now until the PlayStation 4 version of Elite Dangerous arrives and the team at Frontier recently put up a video to help get players up to speed on what to expect.

Alas, PSVR support won’t be there from launch but there’s still plenty of neat features that are tailored for the platform:

  • Headlook can either be achieved via the right controller stick or even by tilting the Dualshock 4.
  • There’s a performance/quality toggle for players running the game on the PS4 Pro. It’ll be smoother and prettier than the PS4, which compares to the Xbox One verzion, but is currently not supporting 4K.
  • Touchpad integration is not only for regular game controls but also for the galaxy map, making for a simpler way to navigate through it.

The game arrives on PlayStation 4 on June 27.

Around the same time the 2.3.10 update will arrive on PC and Xbox One – we’ll post up the release notes once they become available.

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