Thimbleweed Park adds neat hint system

The latest update to point and click adventure Thimbleweed Park not only adds new dialogue between the main characters but adds a nifty little hint system into the mix. I actually don’t mind the approach taken – players have to use a phone to call an in game hint line – sorry, it’s not 1-800 STAR WARS for Day of the Tentacle fans. Much like those hint books from the past the early tips will try to point you in the right direction but if you dive deeper it becomes much more specific so you have some control over the amount of information you need.

Classic adventure fans might cry that it is sacrilegious to add a hint system to the game but if it helps get people to experience the whole story and walk away from it feeling entertained then it’s a fine update to the game and one that may introduce more to the genre. Maybe not in the same league as the essential over or under toggle but its close. 😉

Full details can be found here.

Thimbleweed Park is out now on PC and Xbox One.

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