The latest No Man’s Sky update really threw me out

Last month Hello Games released another major patch for No Man’s Sky in the form of the Atlas Rises update and I was really interested in returning to the game and seeing the progress that had been made to the game. There’s been a handful of minor patches during that period too so the team hasn’t been resting on their laurels however my first impressions of the update unfortunately didn’t work for me at all.

My last save had me at a space station so I decided to take a portal back to my base and see what had changed. The outside seemed alright with my land vehicle neatly parked but my ship was no where to be seen. I turned a couple of corners within my base and this was what I found:

This is where I found my ship parked when I first returned to my base… not a great start to my experience!

So, it looks like my ship’s location was thrown out just a fraction… believe it or not I could actually enter the cockpit of my ship and launch it though it was a bit of a challenge at first getting in the right position to do so. Once it was parked in a friendlier location I went through the rest of the base only to find that it was no longer populated with the aliens I had only recently hired. Worse yet my meagre amount of manufactured items were lost too. So it looks like a I have to go through the base process again.

But the process of rebuilding might have to wait as changes to world generation have made my little spec of dirt in the galaxy a lot less hospitable than it was before. Maybe it’s not a big deal for dedicated pilots but I had taken a few hours of travelling to find a nice planet that was friendly enough to establish a base and not be too concerned about environmental dangers. The unexpected challenges presented to me now are making my chilled out NMS sessions less so.

My home planet’s environment has become a little nastier since I was away.

As a result of this I might take a bit of a break from the game. It had taken me a while to get to where I was and it’s a bit frustrating to realise I am going to need to start over on parts before I can get back to that chilled out experience I was enjoying. It’s cool to see how some of the improvements have played out (my home planet is certainly busier even if it is now toxic and the upgraded flight mode is more exciting) it’s just a shame I was one of those players who ended up disadvantaged from the changes.

I’m sure I will get back to it again eventually and the game will continue to evolve for the better… I just need to find the time and incentive to rebuild. With a big Elite Dangerous update about to land however it will have to wait.

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  1. I must admit that would put me off too. I actually did start again with the latest Atlas update because I bought the game cheap for the PS4 Pro (runs much nicer than my ageing PC). I guess that is why I didn’t notice these sorts of issues.

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