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Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer raises excitement and maybe some questions too

The latest (and possibly final) trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has just dropped and there are bound to be just a few Star Wars fans who are going to be losing sleep or their mental faculties over the latest for Episode VIII. I’m already planning my happy dance… just not sure if I will do so to the music of Star Wars Kinect because I may need to temper my excitement while at least remaining slightly credible. 😉

Anyways, it looks like plenty of epic moments are in store for everyone and perhaps even a couple of plot twists judging from what was shown. What’s really happening with Rey and Kylo Ren?!?! For people wanting to avoid spoilers until they see the movie this might be the ideal time to start your Official Star Wars Media Lockdown (TM).

The movie poster is something pretty special too, taking cues from previously revealed character posters with a fixation on red and white that is striking compared to the past Star Wars posters which black (well it IS space) was the colour of choice.

Tickets are now on sale with the movie due to arrive on December 14.

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