New Xbox One Dash Update – October 2017

The new update for the Xbox One should be rolling out to everyone now. I received it a couple of nights ago.

This introduces a brand new dashboard which does take a bit of getting use to but I think is a further improvement and shows Microsoft’s passion for trying to constantly improve the UI, while accepting feedback from the community. Below is a summary of the new features.

As part of the UI update you can now select a “Light” theme, and have a white background with black text. It actually looks really good, particularly during the day, but you might find it a bit hard on the eyes at night.

Xbox One S

The new dash update works on all models of the Xbox One family.

This update also allows you to pre-download any 4K required content for the upcoming Xbox One X and also allows you to transfer games to an external hard drive (help clean up your Xbox One S) and backup your game settings as well (look at the 6 minute mark in the video above).

There is also network transfer if you want to use your own internal network to transfer your games and settings from one Xbox One to the other. Game DVR also supports external hard drives for content and you can record a much longer streams as well when setting the external hard drive as the default.

All in all a great UI dash update for the Xbox One, in preparation for the Xbox One X. Only three weeks to go before the Xbox One X is released. I can’t wait.

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