Early Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro Comparison on Shadow of War

Digital Foundry has posted a video comparing some of the key differences between the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro versions of Middle Earth: Shadow of War.

Before I delve into that it is important to note that if you have a high end PC you can run this game at native 4K with an unlocked frame rate. Both console versions have the frame rate locked (for most part) at 30 fps.

There are some really interesting things to take away from this video. Firstly, it looks like you’ll be given some choice on the Xbox One X as to how you want to run certain games. In the video settings for the pre-release build of the game Xbox One X owners will be able to set Quality vs Resolution.


Native 4K is more than possible on the Xbox One X, even with third party games like Middle Earth: Shadow of War.

Resolution means it runs in native 4K (compared to the PS4 Pro’s 1600p) whilst Quality means the resolution can drop a bit but show more Level of Detail (LOD) and further draw distances. Shadows are much better on the Quality setting and the game still runs at an impressive 1800p (around 3540 x 1800 resolution).

On top of that you also get an option for a variable resolution. This will ensure the frame rate is kept at a solid 30 fps. Another really interesting point about the Xbox One X version is that it takes advantage of much higher quality textures. In the video above you can see a huge difference between the low textures shown in the PS4 Pro version and the higher textures shown on the Xbox One X.

In summary, there are quite a lot of huge benefits going to the Xbox One X. It is no longer just a numbers game (PS4 Pro – 4.2 teraflops vs Xbox One X – 6 teraflops) but Digital Foundry’s video shows tangible proof that the Xbox One X will be the most powerful console on the market to date come November 7th.

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