Playing Virtual Tours with TGCTours and The Golf Club 2

The Golf Club 2 is an amazing golf game. I still play it multiple times a week, even seven months after it was first released. I’m also hopeful that one day we might get proper enhancements for the Xbox One X.

What has truly invigorated and given me more reason to play is the excellent virtual tours that have been setup over at The team over at TGC Tours has put a virtual tour for everyone.

Effectively just like the real pros, you have to qualify in a Q-School event first, before they place you in a relevant tour. Once you’ve completed Q-School, you’ll be assigned t o a tour circuit. They effectively start at the CC-Amateur fictional tour, then CC-Pro (fictional),, European and then the PGA. For those who turn all the assists off in the game, you also can play in the World Tour (Tour clubs and no assists).

The introductory video on how TGCTours works is actually informative and quite amusing.

I’m enjoying the virtual tours (I’m in the CC -C Pro circuit) and suggest if you are still enjoying The Golf Club 2 give it a try.

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