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Solo: A Star Wars Story – Trailers!

After very little had been revealed about the upcoming Star Wars film focusing around Han Solo (with the exception of Ron Howard’s twitter feed) we’ve finally had a couple of trailers drop. They still don’t give a huge amount away in terms of story but there’s enough to whet people’s appetites.

All the important boxes are being ticked in these: Han, Chewie, Lando and of course the Millennium Falcon. I think the people behind the trailer have looked on past trailers for inspiration as seeing the Falcon booming past was without a doubt the highlight of that first The Force Awakens teaser and these both do that same thing here.

With twelve months of behind the scenes stories including the much talked about replacement of the original directors with Ron Howard there is a lot of concern that the film might turn out to be a major stumble for the franchise. However similar things were said of Rogue One which had its fair share of rumours and that turned out great in my opinion. With only a few more months to go we’ll know soon enough how well it has come together.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will be arriving soon from May 25th.

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