Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter One coming February 27

Great news for Elite Dangerous fans with the next stage of Frontier’s space sim coming VERY soon to all platforms. It was only recently that Chapter One of the Beyond update finished its beta run on the PC so the turnaround between that and the official release is really encouraging.

I’ve only followed the changes to the game through the livestreams so am looking forward to seeing everything myself when the update arrives on February 27. It’s amazing to think that the game is three years old now and still moving forward with updates. There is still plenty of potential for more so hopefully the developers continue to include not only quality of life improvements but also additions that take the game into new territory.

Elite Dangerous is out now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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    • If you haven’t played in more than a year you might find that much of the game seems the same but a lot of the changes are around the periphery to make the experience easier. Even with the improvements it’s still an intimidating game I’ll admit. 🙂

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