Detroit: Become Human Demo Out Now on PS4

I’ve just downloaded and played the demo for Detroit: Become Human. I have to say I came away very impressed with the what the short demo provides.

The setting is near future Detroit, where androids are built as carers and other support staff. The demo has you playing an android and hostage negotiator named Conner. As Conner you have to use deductive reasoning and search for clues before confronting an android who has taken a little girl hostage. I played out a couple of different scenarios in my time with the demo, and each outcome was very different. It also looks like you have have five different outcomes on this one scenario alone.

I was drawn in by the emotional story and I’m very impressed by the game, based on the demo. I may have to consider getting this.

The full game is out May 25th on PS4 / PS4 Pro. The demo weighs in at 3 gigabytes.

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  1. Nice to read some impressions on this that aren’t tainted by the usual cynicism and bile spewed towards David Cage’s games. I’ve always liked his stuff, so I’m glad to hear that this is looking like another interesting one.

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    • I haven’t finished Beyond Two Souls yet, but I thought Heavy Rain was pretty good. Sure, his games differ quite a bit from your standard adventure games, but the story and themes are usually pretty good.

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