Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter Four – Announcement and Trailer

Definitely in the category of actions being louder than words is this trailer for the next chapter of Elite Dangerous: Beyond. Not only did it tease squadrons and new mining options (planting charges!) but also a new environment (gas cloud with lightning!) and scanning capabilities.

Whether these are exactly what we’re going to see in the game we will learn soon enough as a livestream from Frontier Developments will be happening in the next couple of days (focusing on exploration and visual improvements) and that should reveal a lot more information.

PC players of past betas will be pleased to know that from the 30th of October they’ll be able to be the first to test out the changes in this new chapter. And if Frontier continue with their cadence of release this year (which they’ve stuck to quite well) that means it’ll only be a few weeks before the rest of us can jump in too. 🙂

Elite Dangerous is out now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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