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PAX Australia 2019 – Day Three

Time to start playing some games! Being an Xbox One owner that means heading over to that booth and seeing what I might be playing in the near future. First up was Bleeding Edge from Ninja Theory which I think has been described as a melee focused Overwatch. I didn’t get to check out the tutorial so missed out on understanding most of the controls but at least for the first half of the game which was a capture and hold type match. I had a fair chance of doing well just by mashing buttons but those players with a better understanding of the nuances are still going to kick butt though. Visually it does evoke a Borderlands vibe with the characters designs and art style and looks pretty good in action.

Minecraft Dungeons looks like it could be really fun and it is surprisingly fast. Maybe because it was a demo (may have had the characters boosted) it won’t start that way when the game ships but it almost felt like someone trying to boss rush in Diablo. A team of players could plough through hordes of enemies quickly until hitting one of the big guys. The presentation is phenomenal and really sticks true to its Minecraft roots with characters, enemies, even text all seemingly straight from that game.

The new and improved Elite Controller 2 was on display at the Xbox stand too but unfortunately the best anyone could do was admire it through a glass box. With Bluetooth support, textured grips/triggers and a charging case it’s a step up again over the already high end controller. So the question I ask myself now is “can I justify the upgrade?”.

This was perhaps the first PAX weekend in years that I was not well prepared for – was also tired after working late the day before – so I think it caught up to me in the end. But what I did accomplish was to play the games I really wanted to and really made the most of my time. I even got to spend more time with my family which was a bonus. 🙂

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