Seeing what’s up with Fortnite Chapter 2

Epic Games seem happy to let the players find out for themselves what is different in Fortnite Chapter 2 and judging from what I’ve seen so far it’s at least setting itself up to be a kinder game for players of various skill levels… at least from the beginning anyway.

My own experience has been very similar to the one described here – I was thinking at first I was FINALLY getting matched up against other bad players and scoring a few kills in the process but turns out it was bots filling in the numbers on the map. PUBG Mobile did the very same thing on your first few games but this time I got sucked in quickly thanks to the clever and seamless way the game drops you into your first game. Even if I was getting far though I was still losing out to a much higher skilled player in the end who also survived the bots so that question of whether there is any skill matching in there.

But truth is Fortnite may never be my thing – I still prefer the thrill of dying in PUBG or Apex Legends where I only have to worry about the shooting and not the building. However I’ll still give the game a bit of my time as the new map seems like a solid improvement over the previous version and little additions like the boats and workbench (for upgrading weapons) introduces new ways to tip the odds in your favour. Not saying any of it will improve my own chances of victory but it does now look like a game that’s more content with being what it is and worrying less about what the competition is doing which does help in making me want to play it a little more.

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