Elite Dangerous January 2020 update – Patch notes!

The planned update to Elite Dangerous for this month was going to focus on fixes and the patch notes rolled out with them pretty much sums that up. You can view the full details here via the Frontier Foums but there were a few items that quickly caught my eye:

  • The changes to the FSS are minimal. Yes, it now gives you an “estimate” of the likelihood of there being sites to visit on a planet but for the accurate result you still have to wait for the scan to complete. All this does is give players an option to quit scanning earlier if the odds aren’t in your favour.
  • You have the option to “rescue” crew from the insurance screen when you lose a ship. Investing in replacements can be expensive so it’s good to have the option available.
  • A new network compression library is being used to reduce network bandwidth. For players that has the potential for performance improvements anywhere the game needs to share data with the server. From station menus to liveries to game saves – it’s a small thing that could help a lot of the game.

While there’s nothing earth shattering (unless you’re a miner, lol) there’s still a considerable amount of fixes that have gone into this update. Hopefully it has helped steer the game into the right direction so when new content arrives again it’ll be running on a more stable platform and we won’t have to see further delays.

Elite Dangerous is out now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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