Gone Home and Turing Test opening doors on October 2017’s Xbox Games with Gold

The announcement by Major Nelson for next month’s Xbox Games with Gold takes a more adventurous angle this time on Xbox One with:

  • Gone Home: Console Edition – Oct 1-31, Xbox One
  • The Turing Test – Oct 16-June 15, Xbox One
  • Rayman 3 HD – Oct 1-15, Xbox 360
  • Medal of Honor Airborne – Oct 16-31, Xbox 360

I’ve not played either Gone Home (from the same developers as the more recent Tacoma) or The Turing Test but with the first getting high praise for its narrative it should be a nice alternative to the usual storytelling fare we get from shooters, shooters and more shooters. The second is meant to play more like a “serious” Portal for those in need of puzzle action.

But if you need to get that shooter feeling, Medal of Honor Airborne will give that to you and might make you avoid being frustrated with spending a lot of money on yet another Call of Duty game. Rayman 3 HD is now the third Rayman title to come to Games with Gold (after Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends) but the only one of them to let the player move around in a 3D environment. For players wanting a more cheerful experience it’s certainly the one to play.

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  1. I started playing Gone Home from scratch again the other night. Forgot it didn’t save automatically and turned the console off. Doh – have to start again.

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