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Bugs and back flips, State of Decay 2 style

A new and improved edition of Undead Labs State of Decay 2 (the “Juggernaut Edition”) is on its way next month which has given a lot of us incentive to get back to our zombie slaying communities and prepare for what’s to come.

Though far from perfect State of Decay 2 excels in the survival aspects of players dealing with a zombie apocalypse, requiring them to venture out regularly for supplies to build a community that will survive. The big bonus (for me) has been the game’s co-op mode which I’ve spent an incredible amount of time in, helping friends succeed. Recently I was helping Grocs out with a supply run and was following his truck back to his settlement when this happened…

Expert driving, or bug? Okay… it’s a bug! But then I suppose any bug that you can walk away from, or in this case drive away from, in a game such as this could be called an “undocumented feature” instead. Apparently it was even more interesting from Groc’s viewpoint but alas we weren’t able to record that. 🙂

Fingers crossed that this new update cleans up a few issues too because the game is still rough in places and a bit of extra polish could do wonders for it and bring in more players. State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition arrives on March 13.

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