No Man’s Sky now has Mechs… do I need to say anything more?

While I’ve been travelling across the galaxy in Elite Dangerous there’s also been a lot going on in No Man’s Sky. Not only did Hello Games introduce living ships to the game in a previous update, which made me think of Vorlon ships from Babylon 5 though there’s more to it that that, but mechs have now been introduced for those players wanting something a little more substantial for stomping around the countryside in.

The release notes have all the juicy details of what is a hefty update. The Exo Mech offers players enhanced protection during their planetary explorations but it’s at the expense of other craft being less immune to the environment than they were previously. However in exchange for that they do get additional benefits including an ability to recharge, enhanced scanning and the option to be called down from your frieghter. Plenty of graphical improvements are in there too to improve the experience for all players.

The release video below is worth watching just to see how well the mechs integrate into the game. Animation looks spot on and the scale of them really makes it feel like you might stand a better chance against some of the bigger sentinels too. VR players also get to enjoy the benefits to the update. Might be time for me to revisit my little base and see what more I can build… 🙂

No Man’s Sky is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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