Go the other GTA in July 2020’s Xbox Games with Gold

Another month is arriving and the next batch of games from Xbox’s Game with Gold is inbound too. Full details are here but the games in question are:

  • WRC 8 (Jul 1-31, Xbox One)
  • Dunk Lords (Jul 16-Aug 15, Xbox One)
  • Saints Row 2 (Jul 1-15, Xbox 360 BC)
  • Juju (Jul 16-31, Xbox 360 BC)

On first take the most notable item on the list is Saints Row 2 which is also where the franchise had taken a turn from trying to be a straight GTA clone and added a larger dose of silliness. However I’m very curious about Dunk Lords which appears to take some inspiration from NBA Jam but adds in powerups and a lot of customisation too which could really appeal to fans.

With it being only a few short months now until a new Xbox arrives I’m wondering if we will soon see these videos start to really highlight the benefits of playing backward compatible (BC) games on newer systems. It would seem like an easy win to confirm a game now has a solid frame rate or supports 4K, HDR, etc. I imagine the original Red Dead Redemption benefited a lot when it was updated after the Xbox One X launch and plenty of other games would too if we knew how they’d now fare on current and future systems.

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