Elite Dangerous Odyssey takes first steps on PC March 29

For PC players keen to sample the latest from Elite Dangerous, the Alpha for the Odyssey expansion kicks off on the 29th of March! To give everyone a taste of what’s coming, Frontier Developments released a video (see below) that shows you what the experience will be like inside a Starport. Seeing NPCs brought to life, when they were previously just portraits on menus, really helps to sell the universe players are inhabiting – especially these little hubs of humanity scattered through the galaxy. It’ll be interesting to see how well it works with multiple players too and if there will be opportunities to interact without it simply involve shooting things. For players who remember when Holo-Me characters first appeared this update was a long time coming so there will be a lot of curiosity and excitement for finding out how far it goes.

While the video does show that many of the features currently available in the Station Services menu like the markets and shipyard have transferred here (with enhancements) it sounds like the existing system is still there too for players not wanting to leave their ships. However I imagine if you charter a shuttle down to a planet surface you probably need to pull on your boots and hit the deck to board it…

It’s still a few months away until Xbox and PlayStation owners will get to see it all for themselves but if it includes a few more console specific enhancements to take advantage of the new hardware it might be worth the wait. So far it looks like a promising start. 🙂

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