The No Man’s Sky “Prisms” update gives the visuals another big boost

The game that keeps on giving now wants to show that it’s been given a fresh coat of paint too. Developer Hello Games recently posted up details of the new Prisms update to No Man’s Sky which really boosts the visuals on PCs and the latest consoles. The details can be found here but it’s quite an overhaul with support for Nvidia DLSS, screen space reflections, volumetric lighting improvements and more. I don’t want to give too much else away as the reveal video below does an amazing job of showing what’s in store for players. 🙂

I jumped into the game again briefly to see how my ramshackle hut on a “Goldilocks World” fared (been a while since my last play) and it looks like it’s handled the update nicely with plenty of lush ground cover filling the landscape. The fauna might have been impacted a little but I think I’ll need to explore further to confirm. But having a base left unchanged is a great result. The game is looking pretty good and better yet I didn’t see much of an impact to framerate on PC which is even nicer. With No Man’s Sky turning five years old in July it’s no doubt the best it has ever been. May the next five years be as exciting!

No Man’s Sky is out now for PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

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