E3 2021 Round-Up: Devolver Digital, Ubisoft & Gearbox

It’s that time of the year again with E3 which in turn means we’re off to crazy town again with Devolver Digital’s latest dose of insanity. Taking aim at subscription services and exclusive offers there were also games in show too including the over the top carnage of Shadow Warrior 3. Another game that looked intriguing was Phantom Abyss which was a first person game that takes elements of Tomb Raider‘s levels and dangers with Mirror’s Edge movement. What takes it over the top though is that you race against the ghosts of other players who’ve failed – whether you can take advantage of that might depend on how quick you are on your feet.

Next up on my viewing schedule was the Ubisoft Forward presentation and for me the highlight was no doubt Rainbow Six: Extraction which takes the tactical shooter genes of Rainbow Six: Siege but meshes it into a co-op game that also makes me think back to Left4Dead. There’s also an overarching mechanic where if you fail a mission and your character is downed they’re MIA until you go in again to retrieve them. I could see groups of people really banding together to look after their teams and helping each other out for long term success.

Last on my schedule today was everything coming from Gearbox which had a big Borderlands lean to it with founder Randy Pitchford talking from the set of the movie plus the spinoff game Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. There were a few teases about Homeworld 3 which seemed like they were there to remind people of just how revolutionary the original game was but to be honest I wish there was more because I was ready to have my brain explode if the actual game appeared.

Of everything seen so far, Rainbow Six: Extraction looks like the one I can imagine playing online with friends. With the amount time playing Outbreak zombies mode in Call of Duty or the last two Ghost Recon games this would fill that niche nicely. That it’s coming later this year, when there will be no shortage of shooters to pick from, means there’s some solid competition here but if it turns out great it might have a decent chance of getting our attention for the long term.

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