Why I’m still remaining quiet about Elite Dangerous

It’s been six months since I last responded to news about the continuing development of Elite Dangerous and sadly not a lot has changed. Regular reports have been made on progress in fixing issues but the Odyssey expansion is still not out on consoles and despite improvements on PC I’ve not felt like there’s been a big incentive to return to that platform either. Not helping is that there’s not been a lot of notable news coming from the team at Frontier Developments to keep me interested.

Obsidian Ant’s video below I think says it perfectly and show how Elite Dangerous has been managed compared to Microsoft Flight Simulator and No Man’s Sky. You are free to decide if their methods of sharing info and updates with fans is right or not but these other games are at least incredibly consistent in their approach and ED really needs that.

I still hold hope that this can improve and I can finally continue my space trucking misadventures again on Xbox. The bones of the game have always been good, certainly good for my screenshot collection (!), but the sporadic progress it’s made since it’s launch in 2014 has allowed many other games in the genre to find their own niche and dominate conversations. At some point Frontier is going to have to do better and commit to keeping the game relevant in an increasingly popular genre or let the long running franchise be resigned to history once more.

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  1. Very interesting to see how quiet Frontier have been over the last four months, particularly around the development side of things. It is a bit of a worry that Odyssey still has no console release in sight, and I wonder how the PC version fares now.

    I bought Odyssey hoping for great things, only to be bitterly disappointed at how poorly optimised it was for my mid range PC. I really should go back and see if it has improved.

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