Gauls and Ghosts in November 2022’s Xbox Games with Gold

As reported on Xbox Wire, the latest Games with Gold have been announced and it may be a divisive one depending on how you feel about the games that are included. Full details can be found here but the games in question are:

  • Praetorians – HD Remaster (Nov 1-30)
  • Dead End Job (Nov 16-Dec 15)

Praetorians is an update of an almost twenty year old real time strategy game that might give players a taste of the genre just in time for Age of Empires II which finally arrives on Xbox in January. Dead End Job‘s theme fits the time of year with some top down ghostbusting and may nicely complement the official licensed game that released in mid October.

With fewer games being included each month one thing that becomes clear to me is that for long term success those that are included will need to be more universally appealing as niche titles will not keep subscribers happy. With neither one having much name recognition and one also being in the less popular strategy genre there’s less to be excited about this month for most people and Games with Gold will once again be open to criticism about its long term viability.

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