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The Night Owl

Coder by day, gamer and film fan by night. Websites are one of many things I do. A big fan of classic/retro gaming especially of Atari systems. I can also cook. ;)

Homeworld Remastered to jump in on Feb 25

One of the most innovative and beautiful real time strategy game franchises in the genre has finally been given the HD treatment after more than fifteen years since it first appeared. Homeworld Remastered is Gearbox Software’s gift to PC gamers everywhere after they acquired the license in 2013 during […]

Halo MCC update 17/1 on its way soon

343 Industries released details in the last day regarding the next update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. As expected, matchmaking and multiplayer continue to get improvements; the big news with this one is that fixes to parties have been included too. How badly a lot of games handle parties on […]