The Witcher 3 is amazing and a must buy

So last night I played four or five hours of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt on the Xbox One. This is no doubt going to be role playing game of the year for me, if not game of the year. Screenshot-Original (4) CD Projekt RED have completely outdone themselves with this new installment of the Witcher series. You will not get finer role playing than this. Every mission, whether it be a main quest, a side quest or just a witcher contract is done with such loving detail, which includes in game cinema style type camera angles. Screenshot-Original (6) The morality of this game is also extremely open ended. You have no blue and red choices representing good and bad like the Mass Effect games. You make a decision and you then have to live with it for the rest of the game. This game is definitely much more open world than previous installments too. I ran into things to do on my way to another quest and it feels great just to explore. Even on the Xbox One, the graphics are absolutely amazing. The Witcher 3 looks twice as good as Dragon Age: Inquisition and plays that way too. Screenshot-Original (5) Don’t hesitate and treat yourself to an amazing experience. One more thing with regards continuing with your choices from the earlier Witcher games. At the start when you create a new game it will ask you if you want to simulate Witcher 2 saves. Select yes to this and it will open up a NPC that you’ll run into later in the game that will allow you to form the choices you made in the earlier game. The screenshots in this post were taken from my play through last night. They are completely untouched and were taken using the Xbox One screenshot app. Screenshot-Original (7) I cannot wait to delve into this world further.

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  1. I managed to play for about an hour and a half last night, before Destiny dragged me away. But what I played I really enjoyed, and I can’t wait to play it some more.

    Nice screenshots too!

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    • I was saying the same today to Grocs about the screenshots… it’s a mighty fine looking game by any account. Will be curious to see if Bethesda can match it with their next RPG… hopefully Fallout 4. 🙂

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  2. My first impressions were that it was really good. When you get about 10 hours in you suddenly realise how big the game is. I almost felt overwhelmed when I started a new area because it is just so big. Fantastic. 🙂


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