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  1. Bloodborne is about $50 at the moment on the Playstation Store (AU). At some stage I will have to pick it up again because I traded the game (disc) and still have to finish it.

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  2. Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! I’m surprised more gamer bloggers aren’t talking about this yet (Not that I’ve written about it yet- slight hypocrisy there…I have my excuses). This made me happy.

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    • Thanks for posting! I wonder if a lot of people felt like we did at first in that the game seemed too good to be true and would never arrive. But now a date has been set and a few more details have come out there’s a lot to look forward to.

      If the game doesn’t get awards for artistic and technical achievement in the next year I’d be surprised.

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      • Lol it did seem like it was never coming out! I’m so glad it’s coming soon and worried that I’ll get sucked into it. At the same time it kind of sucks it came out so close to the release of The Division because there are going to be some PS4 controller wars going on between my husband and I (kidding, we know how to share), but seriously.

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  3. I’m very lucky my wife is a massive World of Warcraft player. It means I generally get the TV and consoles to myself for most part.

    I also think the reason more bloggers aren’t writing more about this is because we are all so stunned it finally got a release date. I almost don’t want to jinx it. 🙂


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