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Doctor Strange trailer has dropped but is it enough?

During the week, the first trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange arrived. The trailer gives the impression that we’re going to be seeing an origin story which dipping back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe might imply it takes place around the time of Captain America: The Winter Soldier as there is a name-dropping scene in that film.

I’m a little unsure how this one is going to turn out – it probably doesn’t help that it has visual effects that make me think they borrowed scenes from Inception‘s cutting room floor. But with Sherlock himself, aka Benedict Cumberbatch, taking on the role of Stephen Strange I’m still curious to see how it turns out.

The movie arrives in November.


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  1. I have no background knowledge and really know nothing about Doctor Strange but am on board with 1. anything with benedict and 2. anything that is fantasy but breaks away (even a little) from the superhero movie trend.

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