Quantum Break – Early Impressions

I’ve spent a short amount of time so far in Quantum Break, Remedy’s latest game, and my initial thoughts seem to be confirmed in that the game is an extension of what the team accomplished with Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare but taken to a new level.

The game itself plays much like its predecessors in being a third person action/shooter but in place of the light/dark mechanics that made Alan Wake as much about dodging as it was about shooting, Quantum Break is all about the shooting. And maybe the occasional Easter Egg hunt.

Visually it’s great. The effects related to your time powers are amazing to see in action and really help to convey that the world is falling apart in a unique way. Character models are generally spot on with the protagonist (of actor Shawn Ashmore) looking great but strangely the one that seemed the worst turned out to be the antagonist (Aidan Gillen) which didn’t quite hit the same mark.

The TV episode-like videos between are great and work well too – you really can see how your actions influence it, helped by a chapter epilogue beforehand which presents you with differing paths to follow in the story. Characters here in the video are actually really interesting and makes me wish that I’d get a chance to play them during the game as well. We’ll see I suppose.

The game is out now… review to come soon.

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  1. Got this as well and so far I’m pretty impressed with it. Because I pre-ordered I received my Alan Wake and Quantum Break Windows 10 codes as well. I’ll have to download on PC at some stage to see what it is like.

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    • I had some issues with the Alan Wake code but the American Nightmare and Window 10 codes worked fine. Downside is the Win10 version of the game is a 64Gb download so might be a while before I grab that one.


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