Get ready for Titanfall… again

The developers at Respawn finally began the marketing push for their upcoming sequel to Titanfall with a short teaser trailer that reveals little apart from the possibility that much based mêlée combat may now be on the cards… that was an unintended in-joke but I’m keeping it.

For most people, the big hope for Titanfall 2 will be that more is done to flesh out the universe through a campaign that avoids the first game’s trick of trying to build a narrative by inserting narrative in between recycled multiplayer maps. The original game had a solid multiplayer foundation that improved immensely over time thanks to DLC and updates and with the sequel also launching on PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One and PC we expect its popularity to increase.

According to the trailer, the game’s official reveal is scheduled for June 12. The original game is available for free via EA Access (cheap otherwise) and all of the DLC is free too.

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  1. Never got into Titanfall. I played it for a month and never went back. It’s lack of a campaign and repetitive map design killed it for me. I’m not really looking forward to Titanfall 2.

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    • It certainly didn’t help when they appeared to give up on the “campaign” and threw every player into the same hopper regardless of their progress through that mode. It made what little storytelling they had completely useless and a lot harder to score the single player game achievements.

      I suppose if I had a choice between this and “Call of Duty in Space” (which appears to be coming) I’d still choose this one but still much to improve on.

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      • Well I guess to put it on perspective I pkay each cod when it comes out and was comparing the two so for a multiplayer only game it was along the lines of this doesn’t offer me anything I can’t get with call of duty. Yes the titans are sweet but to me score/kill streaks in cod satisfy that bad ass feeling if that makes sense.

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        • Thanks for replying!

          I totally get what you are saying – there’s a lot of variety to the rewards for killstreaks in CoD games too. Unfortunately for me I’m a player who finds them hard to earn… you know the guy who always runs into the middle of a gun battle and gets shot five seconds after respawning? That’s me. 🙂

          On the other hand in Titanfall once I’m in my own death machine I can hold my own fairly well (much to my own surprise) but the recharging abilities can be a bit samey as players tend to lean toward a common set of them… I know I do.

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          • My tip for cod is to run away from teammates and to stick to outside of map haha. Allows you to catch enemies where they don’t suspect alot of times. I’d say almost every multiplayer game has a group of abilities/perks/guns, etc. That everyone ends up leaning to

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  2. I actually did enjoy Titanfall as a multiplayer title because it allowed you to shoot AI enemies as well as normal players. My reflexes aren’t what they use to be and at least I could still get some reasonable points killing the enemy NPCs. I think it could have been so much more though and I hope they have a proper single player campaign for Titanfall 2. I would be hesitant to buy it on multiplayer alone again.

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