E3 2016 Round Up Part 1 – Electronic Arts

If there is one thing that EA’s press conference showed was that there is a still a lot on the horizon and the team there are wanting to let you know that the wait will be worth it. But even then, what’s in store before the end of the year is still going to show some great new additions to their existing franchises.

Please note: there’s a few movies embedded here but if you want to see everything, check out the full Gamespot coverage at the end of the post. It runs for close to two hours but if you jump ahead to 42:57 you can see the press conference itself from that point.

First cab off the rank was Respawn’s next shooter. This time, Titanfall 2 will debut a substantial single player campaign to replace the original game’s method of stringing multiplayer maps into a pseudo narrative. But it was the tweaks seen in the multiplayer trailer that got me excited for a return to the game. Pilots not only have the ability to perform those neat parkour moves but now have available a grapple to launch even higher and perform some nifty new moves. The game will arrive on October 28 for PC, Xbox One and for the first time PlayStation 4.

Mass Effect Andromeda is still some time away but the little teaser trailer that was shown. New worlds, creatures and a return of the Mako looks to indicate that exploration will be key aspect of the new game, something that touched on in the original game so it is interesting to see the team at Bioware go back to the drawing board. It was an aspect I wished was developed further in the sequels because it helped reinforce the impression there really was a big wide galaxy out there.

Madden, FIFA, etc are stalwarts of the company – a new mode for FIFA called The Journey offers a campaign of sorts by providing a storyline for an up and coming player that you control. The company is also offering a new charitable program in EA Play where gamers achieving competitive objectives in select titles will result in money going to a selection of charities. The EA Originals program debuted with title Fe that looks to follow on from the success of Unravel with an original concept that is very much a labour of love from its developers at Zoink Games. It looks like more games such as this are to come from EA which is pretty cool.

There wasn’t a whole lot to reveal with regards to EA’s future Star Wars plans but they were willing to give away a few choice moments to let gamers see what is in store. Seeing the Respawn team doing motion capture for lightsaber combat creates the impression of a Jedi Knight like game is on the cards while the footage of Visceral’s title definitely evokes the right mood in the short time you see it. Another Battlefront will be on its way in 2017 and from the sounds of it will make up for the original game’s deficiencies on the content side.

Battlefield 1 continues to impress me more which I never thought I’d say before I saw the first trailer. Dynamic weather now means that the same map can have an entirely different feel which is really going to mix up the experience for players and potentially increase the replay value significantly. I’m hoping it means we might see things get nastier if it also impacts terrain (e.g. dirt becomes mud). The latest trailer continues to hit the right notes too.

I was hoping we might see an announcement of the EA/Origin Access subscription services built out further because it is a great idea that’s executed well enough but still needs more games before it will really take off. I could imagine a time when some of their games will be exclusive to the platform for a lot longer than a week.

Anyway, I think EA did a pretty decent job of getting their message across and they kept it short – the last thing you want is to get gamers bored while trying to sell them new products. The full conference via Gamespot’s feed, can be found below:

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