Elite @ Gamescom Day One – Passengers!

The first batch of details from Frontier of the next big update to Elite Dangerous has begun to come out of Gamescom.

The first info of update 2.2 (entitled Guardians) covers the new passenger lounge addition to Starport Services which is where players can take on contracts for ferrying individuals and groups to destinations. High paying VIPs are thrown into the mix too and can be very lucrative… if you can meet their demands.

To keep those travelers happy you might need to fly in style so a new vessel in the form of the Beluga was revealed that takes the concept of a space cruise liner to a VERY impressive level. I’m guessing that for those of us who are short a few hundred million credits, there will be options to fit passenger quarters to your own ship much like a cargo hold and other items, with the quality of accommodation being tiered.

So you have reason to believe why passengers might be wanting to pay you to take them somewhere, the ports of stations will get a face lift to better reflect their purpose and perhaps status. A refinery and tourist variant have been shown so far – if the comms chatter can reflect the mood set by the new visuals I think it will be another boost to the game’s immersion.

If you’re not concerned about playing babysitter to tourists there was also a demonstration of a useful enhancement to the game’s galactic map. See the video below to check out the enhanced route plotter. With it you can plan out a route to only travel to stars that you can refuel from. Or for those who are shuttling passengers, finding the safest route through a dangerous part of space.

Further details can be found directly from the source.

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