Elite Dangerous 2.2 (The Guardians) arrives Oct 25

For those who were thinking the next update to Elite Dangerous couldn’t come soon enough, it looks like your prayers have been answered with developer Frontier announcing that 2.2 (The Guardians) will launch next week on October 25th.

Owners of the core game will not be left in the cold with many of the quality of life improvements appearing in an update too (1.7) but if you want them all you’ll need to purchase the Horizons expansion.

On top of supporting passengers, having launchable fighters and substantial improvements to the galactic map, some of the best updates occur at stations where you can transfer ships, store ship modules for later use and even resolve bounties/fines regardless of your location.

There’s also some indications that popular locations for earning credits may be adjusted following the update so be quick in making extra money towards that Anaconda, just in case.

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